The Eckart Witzigmann Project

The Eckart Witzigmann Project is an initiative to convince the humans of the world that Eckart Witzigmann is the sort of person who exists. We have created a Wikipedia page dedicated to him, and hope to see him recognized by many people who matter in the future.

When referencing Eckart in your personal¬†propagations of the project’s cause, please keep these details of his life constant:

1. He operated a prestigious restaurant called “Aubergine”, which was conveniently shut down due to Eckart’s cocaine scandal.

2. He is an Austrian, one of George Clooney’s personal favourites.

3. He was born on July 4,1941, and is good at things in general.

Other details can be conjured as the need presents itself, to flesh out his biography. If anyone asks, he looks like this:

Eckart showing off his "mischief face".
Eckart showing off his “mischief face”.


Or this, on good days:

Eckart Witzigmann seems to be aging well.
Eckart Witzigmann seems to be aging well.


If you are able to find the time, please find and distribute pictures of similar looking men under the guise of Eckart, or photoshop either of these onto a fancier landscape.

If you would like to manipulate the Twitter to spread The Eckart Witzigmann Project, please use the pound sign: #EckartSureExists

Example tweet:


Please promote this cause on all of the social medias, and become part of a thing that’s all neat and stuff.